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  • Revel in your own Self-Worth
  • Connect more Fully with Yourself in your Business & at Home


October 2023

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If you’re a Yoga Teacher or Healer struggling with a deeper sense of connection while growing your business then join us for this rejuvenating retreat where you can relax, release past pain, gain clarity and direction to make a bigger impact in the world.

What’s Waiting For You

Bell Rock

Imagine waking up each morning surrounded by the serene beauty of red rocks and crystal-clear skies. The gentle breeze carries the scent of juniper and sage, as you step outside to start your day in Sedona.

Now, picture yourself in a space of complete tranquility, where you can finally disconnect from the chaos of everyday life and reconnect with your inner self. That’s exactly what awaits you at our retreat in Sedona.

This is a sacred space where you’ll find yourself immersed in this healing energy, allowing you to access the deep inner wisdom that lies within you. 

You close your eyes and take a deep breath of the fragrant, clean Sedona air. The gentle waft of a breeze floats through the canyon, embracing you like a warm blanket of worthiness.

A True Awakening

Your days have been filled with exciting discoveries and new connections with like-minded new friends who share your passion for personal growth and transformation. You feel a sense of joy as you recall the delicious and nourishing meals prepared with locally sourced ingredients that have provided you with the energy to fully immerse yourself in this life-changing experience.

The adventures and explorations in Sedona have opened your eyes to the beauty and power of nature, igniting a sense of wonder and awe within you. You’ve hiked through stunning canyons, basked in the healing waters of natural hot springs, and witnessed breathtaking sunsets over the red rocks.

As you drift off to sleep, you’re filled with a sense of deep gratitude for the Dreaming House that has become your home away from home during this magical adventure. The warmth, laughter, and love you’ve experienced in Sedona will stay with you long after you leave, inspiring you to continue on your journey towards healing and self-discovery.

Angel Wing Clouds

Welcome to the Healing Magic of Sedona!

This is what’s possible for you…

For starters, how empowering would it feel to:

  • Step into your Divine Power and learn how to remain calm under any circumstance
  • Express Yourself and Shine Brightly and begin to express confidence that comes from within
  • Feel Calm & Quiet so that your thoughts become centered to make wise intuitive decisions
  • Discover a Clear Direction so that those big goals seem closer and achievable
  • Embrace your Inner Oracle and free yourself from limiting beliefs that hold you back in business and in life
sedona retreat

What you’ll embrace…

On our journey through Sedona, you’ll discover hidden abilities within yourself that have been waiting to be uncovered. Through the use of ancient, alchemical processes that harness the power of this magical land, you’ll be able to peel away the layers of resistance and illusion that have been holding you back. Get ready to tap into your true potential and embrace a new level of self-discovery and growth.

In days, you’ll find yourself more able to…

  • Integrate your areas of conflict within yourself, so that you can wholeheartedly serve your business with authenticity and purpose.
  • Cultivate inner calm and peace, so that even the most demanding situations become manageable and you can respond with clarity and confidence.
  • Transcend old patterns of limitation, shedding resistance and revealing the qualities you need to make your business and your life thrive.
  • Access your Oracle of inner wisdom, developing a reliable inner guidance system to navigate both your business and personal life with greater ease and grace.
  • make confident decisions with ease, as you develop a deep trust in your own intuition and inner guidance system. 

Wouldn’t that be enough for you to join us?

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This is Where We’ll Stay

Your home away from home.


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